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Michael Jackson made all of his employees sign a nondisclosure to keep them from speaking about him- Reports

Michael Jackson used these iron-clad legal contracts to silence his army of employees and keep them from going public about his relationships with young boys, DailyMailTV can reveal.

Michael Jackson made all of his employees sign an iron-clad NDA contract in order to keep them from speaking about him, DailyMailTV can reveal
Both his business contracts with staff and confidentiality documents - obtained exclusively by DailyMailTV - show how the King of Pop kept any wrongdoing from leaking out to the public. Rather than go to the authorities to report any wrong-doing or issues, all staff were instructed to speak to Jackson's management. The paperwork drawn up by Jackson's lawyers successfully prevented workers from revealing any suspicions surrounding the star's behavior with young children from 1988 to 2003. The watertight contracts even saved Jackson from losing a civil case from five employees in 1997 - known as the Neverland Five - thanks to a judge ruling they breached their deals by speaking publicly. Jackson made all employees of his Neverland ranch agree to hundreds of rules and regulations detailed in a 21-page handbook.
In the 'Employee Confidentiality Contract' employees were told that the definition of confidential behavior centered on all 'activities' of the star
The contract warned employees 'you shall not, without our prior written consent in each instance, at any time, whether during or after your employment with us, photograph, tape, film or other record (A) any likeness or activities of Jackson (B) any concert performances of Jackson..(C) any aspect of or activity occurring at Neverland Valley or (D) any other activities related to Jackson....'
It adds: 'You further agree not to make any remarks or do any acts that might harm or disparage or cause to lower in esteem him or their public image or reputation'
The NDA states that as soon as the employee signed the agreement, it would begin

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