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Mofe Duncan's marriage has joined the list of failed marriages in Nollywood, After Three Years

Mofe Duncan is technically back again in the market after quietly parting ways with his wife of three years.

Actor, Mofe Duncan's marriage has joined the long list of failed marriages in Nollywood.

The handsome Nigerian actor married his wife, Jessica who is of Indian descent three years ago.

Jessica recently spilled the beans during a question and answer session with social media users. The cause of the marriage failure remains unknown.

The pillars of their marriage shook in 2016 after a leaked chat showed the actor flirting online with a lady known as Zainab.

The couple got married in August, 2015 and have always made a beautiful show of their romance on social media.

Jessica, while eulogizing her hubby when the going was good said she thought marriage was all about the cuddles and kisses but later realized that it was beyond that.

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