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"You're A Mad Man" - Mr Jollof Slams FFK Over Post On BBNaija

Nigerian comedian and former AAC House of Representatives candidate, Mr Jollof, has blasted FFK for his post insulting Nigerians who watch reality tv show, BBNaija and comparing them to the youths leading the revolution in Mali.

BBNaija: Femi Fani-Kayode Slams Nigerian Youths Who Are Less ...

In the video that is going viral, Jollof is recorded saying Fani-Kayode should send his own children to go fight for freedom not gingering poor Nigerians to go and die for a lost cause.

Fani-Kayode in a post on social media had said that a 25 year old was leading Mali out of an oppressive government with the support of the youths while a 30 year old man in Nigeria is busy watching BBNaija and saying "Leycon my man".

See Jollof's video below:

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