Latest Fashion Disaster: The ‘Penis Pocket’ Menswear Trend

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In today’s episode of strange , we have a trend that is even more ridiculous than see-through plastic pants and the “thong jeans” that leave your whole behind exposed.

Japanese retailer Uniqlo has launched $15 (N5,410) chino that have a “penis pocket”. If you have ever wanted a pocket right in front of your manhood, then this is for you.

A close-up shot of the "penis pocket" on trousers. Photo credit: MFA News

These look pretty normal from behind. That is until you come to the front and find a contrasting-coloured pocket poking right at your face.

The pants come beige with a white pocket, navy with a green pocket and white with a navy pocket. Unclipping the button on the pocket reveals a zipper the way normal trousers are.

The "penis pocket" pants. Photo: My by Kartia

Does the pocket work functionally? The answer is yes. You can store things like a little money, your keys or a banana if you’d like. Perhaps, it really is a “condom pocket” as people on Twitter are calling it.

Will you be rocking these pants if given for free? And what would you think if you saw someone wear them?