Survey Reveals Why New Moms Don’t Have Sex More Often

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In an effort to help new mothers connect over the topics that matter to them most, Peanut, a social networking app for moms launched a Pages platform for discussion.

In August, Peanut asked 1,000 moms aged 22-37 about their lives in the bedroom and according to the survey, millennial moms are getting things right in their lives.

Not surprisingly, the number one reason 42 percent of respondents women said they aren’t having more sex is due to “being tired.”

It was also discovered that 62 percent of women were anxious once they got the go-ahead to have sex, mostly due to fear of pain, feeling self-conscious, or worries over becoming pregnant again.

However, 74 percent of report that is actually better than . And when it comes to motivation for getting it on, 55 percent of women report that they are doing so because of “personal desire.”