#instagramupdate: Everyone is freaking out about #NewInstagram because you now have to swipe instead of scroll

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An Instagram test that changed the way users go through their feeds went wide across the social network.


And the internet was not happy with the potential new changes. The apparent update, which appeared to be in the process of rolling out to users, changed the way people viewed their feeds. As opposed to the normal method of scrolling down vertically through posts from the people you follow, under the test format users needed to swipe and tap through it, similar to how you navigate the company’s Stories feature. Needless to say, the internet was not ready for the unannounced change with “#instagramupdate,” “New Instagram,” “The Instagram” and “Wtf Instagram” all quickly becoming top trending Twitter topics in the United States. Instagram head Adam Mosseri said the update was a “small test” that went “broader than we anticipated.”

Instagram took to Twitter to tell users the change was the result of a “bug,” seemingly contradicting Mosseri’s claim that it was a “test.”