Video: Chris Brown is facing 2 criminal charges for his exotic monkey

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Chris Brown is in trouble for something that last year raised the ire of animal lovers and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Brown, 29, was caught owning a capuchin monkey for which he didn’t have a permit.
TMZ reported Thursday that the Los Angeles City Attorney has charged Brown with two misdemeanor counts of having a restricted species without a permit, crimes serious enough that they carry a maximum sentence of six months in jail. Brown actually incriminated himself in December 2017 when he posted a video to Instagram, showing his 3-year-old daughter Royalty cuddling the monkey, named Fiji.

Fish and Wildlife Captain Patrick Foy told USA Today last January that the video prompted a half-dozen calls from people concerned about the girl’s safety and the monkey’s welfare. State agents launched an investigation and served a search warrant at Brown’s home to retrieve the animal. Brown wasn’t home when agents visited, but he agreed to cooperate and had employees hand over the monkey in a cage. Fiji was subsequently taken and housed at an undisclosed facility. Brown is due in court on Feb. 6.