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Dubai Airport’s Smart Gates will soon test your health

DXB's smart gates will soon be able to detect traveller’s vitals, thanks to the new “Smart Health Tracks”.

The system will use thermal cameras to recognise whether a patient is sick through body temperature by scanning their face and body. If a passenger is in ill health coming into the country, it will then share this data with the Ministry of Health and Prevention so they can start taking care of the traveller.
Not only will this reduce check-in times at hospitals for patients in need of care, but it will also alert medical teams so they can provide first-aid medical attention when needed. A model of the smart gate was displayed at the Arab Health Congress and Exhibition, showcasing how the thermal cameras can detect passengers' body temperature by scanning their face and body thermal print.
The data collected and passenger details will be in a shared database for the Ministry of Health and Prevention to access, but also guarantees high levels of privacy and security.
The Smart Health Track is currently at its initial stages, and will soon be further tested.
It’s not been stated when the system will officially be put in place.

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