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PHOTOS From Oprah Winfrey's 65th Birthday Gig

Oprah Winfrey escaped to more tropical climates over the weekend to celebrate her 65th birthday in sunny St Barts.

  The billionaire birthday girl jetted out of California on Monday and headed own to the island nation, where she and best friend Gayle King were guests on the megayacht of good friend and constant travel partner David Geffen.
Also joining the two aboard the $300 million Rising Sun was King's son Will Bumpus and another young man, who after enjoying dinner and some cake spent the rest of the evening watching the upcoming HBO documentary Leaving Neverland.
Winfrey turned 65 on Tuesday, January 29, 2019.
Lil' Yachty: Oprah Winfrey (above) flew down to St Barts on Monday to celebrated her 65th birthday aboard the megayacht Rising Sun, owned by her close friend David Geffen
Make a wish: The group spent three days docked in Gustavia and on Tuesday enjoyed dinner and cake (above) on the boat's deck in honor of the birthday girl
Above deck: She was joined by Gayle King and the CBS This Morning anchor's son Will for the trip, which lasted just three days (l to r: King, Will, guest, Oprah and Geffen on Tuesday)
Luxe life: After enjoying some birthday cake on Tuesday, the group watched the Michael Jackson sexual assault documentary Leaving Neverland (Rising Sun above in 2018)
Happy birthday Oprah, many more years in good health!

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