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Applications for 10-year residency UAE visas open today, Sunday February 3rd

Applications for 10-year residency visas open on Sunday February 3, with one visa specifically for investors, while the other is for assess entrepreneurs, scientists and specialised talent. For entrepreneurs, their whole families – including spouse and children – will be eligible for a five-year visa.

To qualify, they will need approval from a UAE accredited incubator or an established business worth a minimum of Dhs500,000. As for specialised talents and researchers in fields of science and knowledge, their families will all be eligible for a ten-year visa. Categories include doctors, scientists, executives, specialists in educational disciplines and more. Each category has specific conditions, but executives may be granted a visa if they have a bachelor's degree, five years’ work experience, earn a minimum salary of Dhs30,000, have a valid employment contract in the UAE and health insurance. Investors and their families applying will be granted a ten-year visa, while property investors can get a five-year visa. Meanwhile, investors must put a minimum of Dhs10 million into the UAE, while property investors will need to have invested a minimum of Dhs5 million. It has yet to be announced how many long-term residency visas will be granted by the UAE.
Last year saw new laws in Dubai introduced to set up the framework for the ten-year visas.

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