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Photos: Viral 'Intervention' star Rocky Lockridge has died!

Rocky Lockridge, former boxing pro who later became a viral sensation after his appearance on ‘Intervention,’ has passed away.

He was 60 years old.
Family members report that Rocky died Thursday morning from complications from a stroke he suffered a while back. Lockridge was a stud fighter back in the ’80s — racking up multiple titles with victories over guys like Roger Mayweather.
But, he later became addicted to crack cocaine … and his family brought him on the A&E show, “Intervention,” in an effort to get him cleaned up.
During one famous scene, family members were pouring out their hearts to Rocky and he belted out a cry that went viral. It later became an Internet meme known as “best cry ever.”
Rocky’s son Ricky Lockridge confirmed his father’s passing and said, “It is with great pain but a whole heart that I tell you family and friends that my father Ricky Lockridge aka Rocky Lockridge has passed away.”
Lockridge had reportedly been in hospital care for the past few weeks.

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