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3 Nigerian Celebrities Who Have Won The Battle of Drug Addition

Nigerians and the social media world wept at the viral video of a young female drug addict, Lizzy, which made rounds online on Wednesday, prompting us to take a look at a list of Nigerian celebrities who overcome drug addiction.

Like the young lady who was saved by pastor Tony Rapu, a number of Nigerian celebrities have as well survived drug addiction through different means.

We take a look at some celebrities who haven fought and overcame drug addiction. Being a celebrity has its own disadvantages, it comes with a lot of pressure and expectations. Sometimes, it can be so overwhelming for some of them who then result to drugs for help.

Over the years, some celebrities have been able to handle the life that comes with being a celebrity while in the case of others they get so mixed in it and sometimes break down leaving them with no other option than resulting to drugs.

We take a look at some celebrities who have beaten drug abuse.

1. Hanks Anuku
In his hey days, Hanks Anuku was probably one of the most sought-after Nollywood actors which might be as a result of his trademark foreign accent and bad boy roles. He had a very successful career back in the early 2000s.

However, he left the Nollywood industry to face politics as he was made a special assistant to the then governor of Delta state, Emmanuel Uduaghan. Well, it was reported that he couldn’t even work effectively because of the effects of the drug abuse.

After a few years, during an interview, Hanks revealed that he sought God’s healing and received it the Synagogue Church officiated by the popular Pastor T.B. Joshua.

2. Toyin Aimakhu
Toyin Aimakhu is one of the most popular actresses in Nigeria at the moment. She has over the years shown how good she is in the business of acting. Even with all the successes, she too has been a victim of drug abuse.

During a recent interview, the beautiful actress revealed that after the separation from her ex-husband, she took to drugs including codeine. According to her, at some point, she started losing weight. Toyin Aimakhu has however recovered from drug abuse and she is doing very well.

3. Majek Fashek
Ok, Majek Fashek was the biggest musician in Nigeria in the early 90s. He was seen as probably one of the biggest and most talented acts to have come out of Nigeria. He was signed to the famous Interscope Record label.

He was even a guest on the famous “Late Show with David Letterman.” Well, late in the 1990s Majek’s music game began to diminish as he was reported to be dealing with drugs abuse.

It sure did take a big swipe on him which saw music career nosedive. Over the last few years, Majek Fashek has been seen in shows and concerts looking healthy.

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