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Ambode will be a better minister, but minister of what? Works, Power, or Housing?

The relationship of Lagos state first citizen Akinwumi Ambode and President Muhammadu Buhari since he lost in the direct primary to Sanwo-Olu the choice of the ruling party APC has taken a new dimension which appeared more symbiotic to the public. The governor spent more time in Abuja during the electioneering period campaigning for the president. A few days ago, he invited the president to commission some of his achievements in Oshodi and the popular Muritala Muhammed International Airport.

Several arguments have trailed this development. Some said the projects Buhari commissioned were incomplete, that he should have allowed Sanwo-Olu to complete it and commissioned it. Some said he wanted to take the glory which is understandable while some said he should not take the glory because he claimed the glory of some projects he inherited from Fashola, so he should have allowed Sanwo-Olu to take the glory because government should be a continuum.

The scenarios playing out in this regard makes me start redirecting my thinking in affirming to the conviction that one thing is to have a will in fixing infrastructure, another thing is to possess the interpersonal skills in dealing with the people. There were rumours that Ambode was funding another party in the last election against his party APC, there were allegations raised by the Lagos state house of assembly to impeach him before Asiwaju doused the tension before the just concluded election takes off. Spoken words are like broken eggs, once said, it becomes public. In the same vein, when an egg was broken, it can’t be repacked.

He humiliated Sanwoolu in a press statement issued to sell himself over the party’s choice. The phrase “The records are there” has existed in our polity since then, created by Governor Ambode. President Muhammadu Buhari, is in the process of transition, about to reshuffles his ministerial cabinets for the “next level”.

Since every state in the southwest region as a minister who represents the state, Fashola the super minister who represents Lagos state has always demonstrated more efficiency and may still retain his job as it seems, he is presently the minister of works, power and housing.

Can Buhari relieved Fashola of his responsibilities by perhaps giving one of his portfolios to Ambode justifying his comments of Ambode’s achievements during commissioning?

If yes, Lagos state would have more representation for ministerial appointments than other states in the south-west. Is there any political implication over this as enshrined in the constitution? I doubt if there is any. Be that as it may, the antecedence of Ambode and his relationship with Buhari may earn him a ministerial portfolio, but which ministry? Works, Power, or Housing? None of the aforesaid?

Source: Dailyadvent

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