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BREAKING NEWS: Barcelona Trash Manchester United At #UCL Quater Final

Barcelona got a second wind or, at least, have been able to play in the United half for the last few minutes. They’re still not quite slick but they’re doing enough to keep Untied at bay. And United are getting frustrated. Lingard, in his eagerness to regain possession.

Barcelonare tried to run down the clock by popping the ball around amongst themselves. But did not in good enough form to do that so they soon give it back to Manchester United. The problem is, Man United are no smoother and they give it right back.
At 86mins, Smalling sees yellow after an aerial challenge with Suarez near half way. But Suarez is making out he’s nearly got whiplash.

Messi brings down Pogba in the centre circle, the latest sign that Untied are sharper than the visitors

Ultimately an own goal was the key difference between the sides, which is fitting because it was a scruffy game. Neither team looks like potential winners of the tournament but one of them will advance to the semi-final ... and United have grounds for hoping it could yet be them, bearing in midn what happened in Paris in the last round.

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