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BREAKING NEWS: Diego Costa Banned From 8 Matches For Insulting Referee

Diego Costa has been suspended for eight matches after insulting the referee during Atlético Madrid’s 2-0 defeat by Barcelona on Saturday.

Costa was sent off for dissent in the 28th minute at Camp Nou by Jesús Gil Manzano and had to be escorted from the pitch by Barça’s Gerard Piqué after shouting at the official and grabbing his arm. Costa reportedly used a Spanish phrase that referred to defecating on his “prostitute mother”.
Manzano’s report stated the 30-year-old striker swore and shouted, and grabbed him “on numerous occasions” after he had been dismissed. Costa’s ban consists of four games for using insulting or offensive words towards an official, and four games for the use of light violence towards referees.

“I asked the referee at half-time: ‘Was what he said so bad?’” Diego Simeone said. “If it was, then the sending off is the right decision.” Atlético lost after late goals from Luis Suárez and Lionel Messi.

Costa’s suspension means he will miss the rest of the season and he may have played his last game for Atlético after struggling since his return to the club in January 2018. He has scored only 12 goals in 44 appearances.

Atlético were fined €2,800 (£2,400) over the incident, while Costa was fined €6,010 (£5,178). The club has 10 days in which to lodge an appeal.

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