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BREAKING NEWS: Whatsapp, Facebook And Instagram Have Crashed Worldwide

Social media platforms Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram, all of which belong to Facebook, are reportedly not working as of Sunday afternoon.

Whatsapp users from around the world are reporting that they cannot send or receive messages; Instagram users reported that they cannot upload to their stories or photos, and Facebook is having general glitches on the platform.
All systems work off of the Facebook servers which have experienced several crashes in the past couple of months.

In March, Facebook crashed for two days, affecting both WhatsApp and Instagram. Logging into the network was found to be impossible for all users. BBC called it "the most severe outage in its history," noting that the last time Facebook was disrupted on such a scale was in 2008.

During the March crash, Facebook had notified its users via Twitter that they were "working to resolve the issue as soon as possible." However, no such message was released as of yet during the most recent crash.

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