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Daddy Freeze Comes For Apostle Suleman Over His New Private Jet

Leader of Free the Sheeple movement and controversial media personality, Daddy Freeze, is onto his usual behaviour of attacking Nigerian pastors and this time he is calling Apostle Suleman out on social media.

247NNU earlier shared how Apostle Suleman's church members were rejoicing over him acquiring a private jet.
The founder of Omega Fire Ministries was pictured alighting the jet which is said to be his. In reaction to the purchase, Daddy Freeze, shared a post on Instagram in which he demanded to know how many poor people Suleman was helping in his church.

Many suspect that the question originates from the fact that Apostle Suleman once stated that acquiring cars, private jets and other luxuries was a waste of time.

The pastor directed his preaching to men of God who he challenged to try to impact the lives of poor people as that was a more noble thing to do.

Behold, nobility went on vacation and Apostle Suleman joined the private jet gang and now, Freeze has damning questions.

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