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Double death: Woman and boy found dead as neighbours speak of shock

Neighbours have shared their shock after a woman and a young boy were found dead in a home in Suffolk, UK.

Police were called just before 6pm on April 26 to an address on Park Avenue in Newmarket after a member of the public reported he had discovered the bodies of a woman and a young boy inside the premises.

A police investigation into the circumstances of the deaths is currently underway and next of kin are aware of the incident.

Those living on Park Avenue with the woman and boy believe the woman to be in her 30s and the child to be under 10 years old.

One neighbour, who lives opposite, said: “I came home last night about 8pm and there were police everywhere.

“They were here all night, I think, and forensics were going in and out.”

He said he knew the woman by sight but had only spoken to her once.

“She, like everyone I suppose, kept herself to herself,” he added.

“I only spoke to her once to collect a parcel. The boy seemed happy enough though. He was a youngster, maybe seven or eight. He was always smiling every time I saw him.”

A neighbour who lived next door to the victims declined to speak.

A police cordon remains outside the semi-detached two-storey property.

The car outside the property, a Volkswagen Golf hatchback parked on the pavement, was also behind police tape with a single police van parked behind it.

Another couple, who also live on Park Avenue, said they had seen the boy playing in the nearby park.

They said: “She was probably in her 30s, he was under 10. But they kept themselves to themselves.

“There are a lot of rented houses on this street so a lot of people come and go.”

An elderly resident added: “I've been here for 60 years and it's quite a quiet street.

“Very sad though, isn't it. Tragic.”

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