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Driver Who Killed Boss’s Wife Because He Sacked Him Arrested

The Oyo State Police command has arrested a driver, Morenikeji Adeyemi, who confessed to killing his boss’s wife because he sacked him.

According to the 37-year old, he killed his boss’s wife, Oyewumi Ayanwale, because he sacked him for no reason after four years of working with him.

The 37-year old driver was paraded by the Oyo state police command in Ibadan where he made the below confession about how he lured her to her death.
I was hurt when my boss sacked me. That time, my wife just had her baby and because there was no income anymore, we lost the baby. So, I thought of a way to get back at him, because it was so painful. My boss’s wife had once told me about her spiritual challenges, and I had promised to take her to a place for prayers.

I was able to use that as a premise to lure her and I told her that I was taking her to a place Awe along Awe/Oyo road.  We took her car and along the way, she said she was pressed, so she went into the bush, I followed her and strangulated her by the river in the bush. I then took her vehicle and ran away, before I was arrested two weeks ago.”

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