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Empty Barrels! We Will Soon Teach The APC Another Lesson In The 9th Assembly – PDP Declares

The Peoples Democratic Party has likened the ruling All Progressives Congress as empty barrels with the way they have chosen to go about the build up to the selection of the leaders for the 9th National Assembly.

The opposition party says the ruling party is just playing to the gallery and it would soon be taught a lesson even as the days gradually roll by.

The Peoples Democratic Party has said the All Progressives Congress is playing to the gallery on the issue of electing presiding officers for the 9th National Assembly.

The PDP’s Deputy National Publicity Secretary, Mr Diran Odeyemi, in an interview on Sunday, said the party was studying the situation and would shock the ruling party at the appropriate time.

He said, “It is unfortunate that the APC leaders are counting their chicks before they are hatched. We are not taking them seriously because we know the division and rancour in their fold.

“A disunited APC boasting that it does not need the opposition, is just playing to the gallery.

“It is a bad policy and unethical politicking to say you do not need the opposition to elect National Assembly leaders. The APC leaders who are propagating this theory, unfortunately, are not members of the National Assembly to know how the shoe will be too tight to put on without PDP’s cooperation and helping hands.

“We are still studying the situation, 24 hours is a long time in politics. We will come up with a joker that will shut up the APC and possibly teach them another political lesson that empty barrels make the most noise.”

Odeyemi also said in a separate interview that the PDP would shock the ruling party.

He explained that the party would adopt a strategy to fill the positions meant for minority party in the Senate and House of Representatives in a rancour-free manner.

He said the party would not be dictatorial but would adopt a strategy that would be beneficial to all.

He added, “The PDP will adopt a special strategy to fill the positions meant for minority party in the Senate and the House of Representatives in such a way that it will not bring any rancour among our elected legislators. Consensus or election is not what we can talk about at the moment.

“The scenario about the leadership of the Senate and the House of Representatives is still cloudy, and who says we don’t have our own joker that will shock the APC? We don’t make noise like the APC National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole, whose utterances will definitely spell doom for the party and its proposed candidates.

“Our party is studying the situation and will come up with our joker at the appropriate time. Nigerians are in for interesting politicking in June. It is then we shall be rated as master strategists.”

He said the PDP still had two months to decide, adding that the party was weighing its options.

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