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How Nigerian Gateman Refused Gift Of Brand New House And Requested Borehole For His Village Instead

A former gateman has just done the unimaginable after he declined an offer of a house from his boss and instead requested that the money should be used to sink a borehole for his community.

The gateman identified as Musa Usman,who is from Giljimmi, in the Birniwa Local Government Area of Jigawa State, had worked for his boss an Indian man identified as Mr. V. Verghese for 25 years. When it was time for Mr Usman to retire and leave Lagos for his hometown, Mr. Verghese made an offer to erect a house for him, seeing as he lived with his family in a thatched house.

But Musa was more concerned about his community and instead made a request that the money should instead be used to sink a borehole so that the entire community can benefit from it.

For some years now, the people who lived in the same community as Usman have lacked water and had to trek a long distance daily to get water. But Usman’s boss, Mr. V. Verghese, who is the Managing Director of a pharmaceutical company, Jawa International Limited, Lagos, has now sunk a borehole for them in accordance with Usman’s wishes.

Speaking at the commissioning of the borehole, Verghese said he arrived at the decision to give Usman a worthy parting gift because of the high degree of honesty exhibited by the former gateman while he was working with him, Daily Trust reports.

He said: “Musa has served me diligently for 25 years. We would travel to India and leave our house under his care and behold, we would meet everything intact. He is indeed an honest Nigerian.”

Usman, thanked Verghese for the gesture, saying he had no regret choosing a community borehole over a house.

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