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Jesus Christ Died On Thursday Not Friday - Olumba Disagrees With Christendom

The founder and spiritual leader of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, Olumba Olumba Obu, has strongly disagreed with the days of death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Olumba said that he believed that Jesus died on Thursday instead of the popularly known Good Friday that is widely celebrated all over the world, Daily Trust reports.

The founder of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star made this known in a sermon to mark the Easter celebration, while adding that the three important days are Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
He said: “I am declaring to the whole world from the highest heaven that He died for three days and three nights, just as He said. The three days are Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

These three days should be wonderful days for the whole world, to fast and to mourn and to receive blessing. “People argue that the Lord Jesus Christ was killed on Friday. This is the argument against that assertion - If He died on Friday, then He is not the one.

What you hear is what He said before it ever happened. That is why we usually preach this gospel at a time like this every year." He also argued that it is not possible for Christ to have died on Friday if the feast of the Passover was always celebrated on Friday by the Jews, adding that Jesus could not have been crucified on the same day by the Jews.

He added: “The feast of the Passover was always celebrated on Friday. All the Jews from all parts of the world had to assemble in Jerusalem for the Passover feast on Friday. Saturday was observed as the Sabbath day, and you know how the Jews regarded the Sabbath day.

“How then would He have been crucified on Friday? That was the day of the great feast of the Passover and so they could not have crucified Him on Friday. It was because they were afraid that there would be an uproar among the people if He was crucified on Friday, the feast day. That is why His death was shifted two days backwards.”

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