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Shehu Sani Mocks Northern Leaders Over Zamfara Killings

Shehu Sani, Senator representing Kaduna Central District in the National Assembly, has stated that the Northern political and religious leaders lack the courage to confront President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration over the killings in the region unlike they did under Goodluck Jonathan government.
Speaking in figurative terms, the Senator said, during the Jonathan era, the same Northern leaders were ‘Tigers’ attacking the then President for allegedly doing nothing.

He added that they are now docile like lambs under the Buhari regime despite increased insecurity in the region.

Posting on his twitter handle, Senator Sani wrote during the weekend: “When killings in the north happened under the last administration, political and religious leaders from the north behaved like Tigers in putting pressure on the Government to act.

“Under this administration, they are as ‘fierce’ as a lamb.”

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