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Shocking CCTV Footage Shows Conor McGregor Assaulting A Fan

Newly released surveillance footage shows Conor McGregor taking his anger out on a fan's smartphone by smashing it violently into the ground.

The new CCTV clip, released by TMZ on Wednesday, shows the casually clad Irish MMA star doing his signature power walk in front of the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami on February 11.

The Notorious, followed by his entourage and fans, stops suddenly and appears to shout something with his hands cupped around his mouth. Among those who can be seen trying to grab a selfie with the larger-than-life persona is Ahmed Abdirak.
Encircled by paparazzi, the Irishman then approaches Abdirak, extending his hand as if to greet him. But instead, McGregor grabs Abdirak's phone, smashing it on the ground and stomping on it repeatedly. At this point, a heavily built man, apparently from McGregor's security detail, tackles Abdirak to prevent him from interfering with the destruction of his gadget.

It is unclear what set McGregor off, but Abdirak appears to be the only one who used a camera flash as he was taking snaps of McGregor.

The footage was released shortly after a civil lawsuit over the incident was dropped with reports suggesting that the parties reached a financial settlement. Abdirak initially sought damages of $15,000 from the Irishman, who has recently come out of his second – although brief – shock retirement.

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