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Stop Blaming Buhari For Your Problem! Benue Youths Come For Ortom, Issues Strong Warning

The Benue Peace and Development Crusade has issued a strong warning to the Governor of Benue State Samuel Ortom to desist from playing the blame game.

According to the organisation, Ortom was using ”mushroom agents” to play on the intelligence of the people of the state in the aftermath of the anti-open grazing law

The organisation called out the governor for calling out President Buhari on what was clearly an issue that should be dealt with at the state level rather than federal.

The organisation alleged that Ortom wasn’t concentrating on his state affairs but was fully in the activity of blaming the presidency for issues that have no business been at the table of the president. The President of the civil society group,  Dan Ochobo, therefore urged the governor to stop using his groups to make negative remarks about President Buhari.

It will be recalled that the Benue State legislature passed the Anti-Open Grazing Law in 2017 to tame the ongoing feud between herders and farmers. In an interview Governor Samuel Ortom granted The Nation, he explained the effects the Law has had on peace and security in the state stressing its ripple effect on the national scene.

He equally explained what motivated his defection, highlighting that there was a leadership tussle and he ”had no hold of his own” in the state.

He said “in APC, I had no hold of my own. Though I was Governor, I had no control over the leadership of the APC in the state, so, I could not be held responsible and that was why things were going very wrong because I had no control. Even the things I thought that were right to be done, I was pressed upon not to do them.

You see, when you have a leadership that doesn’t think about the people but thinks about himself, a leadership that is always drunk, then I’m not part of that and everybody knows the circumstances that led to my defection from PDP to APC and then winning the election.”

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