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Governor Fayemi Shuts Down Existing Ekiti Airport To Build New One

According to reports gathered by 247NNU, Ekiti state as governed by Governor Kayode Feyemi are planning to build a new airport in the state.
This recent update has sparked some reactions from those who comes from Ekiti. Some of the indigene’s described the new development as a success and some others stated that there is no need for the airport.

Meanwhile, Governor Rotimi of Ondo state has reacted to the news of the Ekiti state government planning to build a new airport in the state. He stated that it is quite unwise to shut down the current state airport in order just to build a new one.

In addition, several people have called on the Ekiti state government to focus on repairing roads and linking more roads to other states rather than focusing on a new airport which is needless at this point.

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