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Group Backs El-Rufai’s Comment Over Godfatherism

A group has supported Kaduna state Governor, Malam Nasir el-Rufai’s views on godfatherism in Nigerian politics, noting that it is a nationalistic issue that inhibits the development of Nigerian democracy and self-reliance among youths.

Governor El-Rufai recently lampooned the scourge of godfatherism in Nigeria, but the El-Rufai National Media Support Group in a press conference on Wednesday in Kaduna, told reporters that the issue needed to be viewed with all seriousness, as it inhibits youths development, making the youth dependent on moneybag politicians.

Addressing the media in Kaduna, National Chairman of El-Rufai National Media Support Group, Hon. Musa Aliyu Kalli said that the Governor’s comment should serve as a tonic to correct the notion of moneybag politicians who capitalized on youth’s vulnerability to use and dump them after election without recourse to their future.
According to the group, the governor’s statement on godfatherism needed to be seen as a corrective measure to help rejuvenate Nigeria’s democratic governance. They however tasked the youth to seek to be self-reliant and shun moneybags seeking votes to play demigod.

Kalli, who urged that el-Rufai’s view be seen as holistic and embraced by all, said that, “Governor el-Rufai is more of a nationalist than a regional politician hence he is speaking from the position of a nationalist, and his points need to be viewed so to put godfathers in politics in the right perspective.

“People need to ponder on the comments instead of condemning them. Governor el-Rufai’s track record as FCT minister are there to point to the fact that he is a nationalist. He has never acted as a regional leader, all he is after is a better living condition for all, irrespective of tribe, religion or political affiliation, Hon. Kalli added.

The National Chairman, called on youths to rededicate themselves to the cause of uplifting the democratic setting through a more reformed process and shun godfatherism for a Nigeria that is devoid of acrimony.

He added that the Governor is more concerned about the wellbeing of the youth of the nation, hence his call to shift ground from godfatherism in politics and play developmental democracy.

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