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Police Deny Killing Motorcyclist In Lagos Over Alleged N100 Bribe

The police in Lagos Wednesday refuted reports that an operative attached to Ago Division in Okota chased a motorcyclist to his death over alleged N100 bribe.

A viral video on social media had alleged that the unnamed policeman described as tall, dark had chased the motorcyclist for refusing to part with N100 in front of Century Police State where the rider fell and was knocked by an oncoming vehicle.

The incident was said to have occurred around 6am.

But a statement by police spokesman Bala Elkana, a Deputy Superintendent (DSP) said the motorcyclist was over speeding and crashed into one of the speed breakers before he was knocked by a Toyota Camry car.

According to Elkana, the allegation that a policeman chased the victim to his death was false and a complete misrepresentation of facts.
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He said: “The fact is that on May 8, at about 6:05am the Police at Ago Okota Station heard a loud sound few meters away from the station and rushed out to ascertain what was going on. They found a motorcyclist lying down in the pool of his own blood with his motorcycle on the ground.

“The victim was taken to the hospital but eventually died. On inquiries from eyewitnesses around the scene, it was gathered that the motorcyclist was involved in a fatal accident with a vehicle along Ago Palace Way.

“An eyewitness known as Mr. Adedayo Benson stated that he was standing in front of Century Hotel and saw the motorcyclist, who was riding on high speed, ran into a road bump/speed breaker.

“He suddenly applied his break but was hit by a Camry car driving behind him. The driver of the Camry ran before the arrival of the police. Investigation into the accident is ongoing to track and apprehend the driver of the Camry vehicle with a view to bringing him to justice.”

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