Youths and drug abuse

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By Ademola Orunbon


Sir: Although, it is commonly said that the worst civilian regime is much better than the best military administration, Nigerians want to see this betterment in very concrete terms and forms.

Nigerians will want to see food on their tables, have access to affordable healthcare, good roads, potable water etc. Now, life has become harder for the people.

There is no more middle class; it is either you are rich or you are poor. Corporate begging has become the order; no one feels shy to beg for money.

We know that the problems of this country are numerous to be solved even within the short period of any administration.

But one would have expected that after 21 years of civilian administration, successive administrations should have laid the foundation for dealing with these problems.

Regrettably, our politicians have been busy chasing shadows. When will politicians stop pursuing fruitless ventures and for once start working to make life better for those who elected them into office or will they allow the hope of Nigerians to die off?

Of all the evils bedeviling the country however, none is as frightening as the drug abuse afflicting her youths. Drug abuse is the very Sword of Damocles dangling over the head of Nigeria.

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Drug abuse has scaled the fence of higher institutions and entered into churches and mosques, the holy of holies. Drug abuse is on the increase!

When some Abia State university students beheaded fellow students and used their heads for rituals, the government didn’t see drug abuse as a predisposing factor.

When armed robbers killed over 50 persons in a bank robbery in Offa, Kwara State years back, the National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), didn’t see drug abuse as a factor.

Government didn’t see drug abuse in the crushing of countless victims’ head by Badoo Boys in Ikorodu, and the ritual killings by Yahoo-Yahoo Boys.

The Presidency and National Assembly are lost about redeeming Nigeria’s drugs-crazed youths, but are very much alive in political pettiness. Cultism doesn’t reside in tertiary institutions and secondary schools anymore.

It has moved into primary schools, mechanic workshops, hairdressing salons, butchers’ associations, viewing centres, eateries and beer parlours. No family is immune; the threat is real.

These are times when parents must maintain eternal vigilance on their children. While the children of the rich do cocaine, heroin, amphetamine etc., those of the poor sniff gum, human and lizard faeces, urine and gulp Tramadol. Marijuana is now like peppermints to our future generation.


  • Ademola Orunbon, Abeokuta, Ogun State.