PDP‘s uncharted waters

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By Kene Obiezu


Sir: When fish is put out of water, it is only a matter of time before it thrashes itself to an agonizing death unless it is mercifully returned   to the source which is literally its lifeline.

The last echoes of the People Democratic Party‘s infamous boast that it would rule the country for at least 60 years died painfully when the party crashed to a historic defeat during the General   Elections of 2015.

In the twinkle of an unprepared eye, the party that had long held sway in Nigeria, cultivating a larger than life image found itself holding the short end of the stick and having to navigate the tricky and treacherous labyrinth of opposition politics.

Unsurprisingly, the party has shown itself bankrupt of the mechanics of opposition politics   much to the frustration of   Nigerians who are crying out for a credible check on the rudderless ship that is the APC and its sailors.

The PDP mounted a furious fight back during the 2019 Presidential Elections. When an unsure and awkward INEC spelt out the statistics of its defeat in crystal clear terms, the party headed for the courts.

The Supreme Court, after coming surviving   a hideous campaign in which  Walter Nkanu  Onnoghen  was replaced as CJN  in obscure circumstances,  was to drive the final nail into the  party‘s coffin.

Today, it appears that through eyes clouded by the wine of desperation, the People‘s Democratic Party is seeking a review of the judgment. It is certain to prove a longer road than the one that leads to   Wadata House.

The People‘s Democratic Party has been greatly emboldened in its call by the fact that  the Supreme Court is set to review its judgment which replaced a PDP Governor in Imo State with  his APC counterpart.

Though those who can read the signs and stars have predicted that the review would go nowhere, the PDP   believes that water will gush out of rocks.

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However, what is clear is that in spite of the hardship, insecurity and   anxiety that has become the lot of Nigerians under President Muhammadu Buhari and the APC, Nigerians hold no genuine sympathy for the PDP.

The years between 1999   and 2015 now appear in the distant past but Nigerians are yet to forget the institutional corruption and insensitivity that were the hallmarks of the PDP years.

Many Nigerians have no doubt that it was the PDP that started the journey which the APC has steadfastly continued to leave Nigeria precariously perched on the precipice.

The Nigerian judiciary has also contributed to the uncertainty and given the PDP desperadoes straws to cling to as they drown, no thanks to President Muhammadu Buhari and the APC.

Now, with the tables expertly arrayed against it, the PDP continues to cry wolf and rail against every Nigerian institution, institutions the party did so little to strengthen when it enjoyed the reins of power.

Nigeria remains in a fix. President Buhari   was supposed to be the messiah; instead he has embraced only his minions leaving the vast majority of Nigerians abandoned.

The landmines the PDP laid on every road except its own during its 16 years in power continue to explode every day severing its own limbs and hands.

With the guns of Boko   Haram booming from the Northeast and the bayonets of criminal   herdsmen tearing into every part of the country, Nigeria must unveil the list and call to account all those who have contributed to its current difficulties. The PDP and the APC loom large in that list.


  • Kene Obiezu,