State of roads: Reps assure FERMA of adequate funding

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Tony Akowe, Abuja

The House of Representatives has assured the Federal Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA) of adequate budgetary provision to fix the avalanche of dilapidated roads across the country.

Speaking while on an oversight visit to the Headquarters of the agency in Abuja as well as the multi-million Asphalt plant in Kuje respectively, Chairman of the House Committee FERMA, Rep. Richard Femi Bamisile decry the current state of the Nation’s roads which he described as death traps.

He said the nation’s high ways were in serious need of urgent attention in the overall interest of the people.

He said, “we are here for an on the spot assessment to see things for ourselves so that will know the operations of the Agency, its challenges and to see how we can come in to enhance its Headquarters operations

“To say that Nigerian Roads are bad or death traps, is an understatement and anyone who says otherwise may be he is the one who can afford this be flying around in Choppers or Jets, not all Nigerians can afford such luxury, so, as the Representatives of the people, we have to see that the roads are properly fixed

“We are pleased with the activities of the Agency in the recent time, at least from the last November to date; the Agency is out attending to the roads especially during the festive periods.

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“The main problem of the Agency is inadequate funding and tried to address this in the 2020 budget defence, the budget had been passed early enough and signed into law, we remains to do now is to see to the prompt release of its approved budget to enhance its operations nationwide

“We are pleased with the operations of its multi-million Asphalt plant located at Kuje which currently producing 100 tonnes per day, the Agency can now compel its Contractors to be sourcing Asphalt form the plant, this will be generating funds for its operations, it won’t be a burden to the Federal government

” To us at the National Assembly, it is a new dawn for the Nation, the story of bad roads across the land will soon be history, we are going to the next level of good and motorable roads in the country, what we need now is a little patient

“But to whom much is given, much is expected, the Management of FERMA should double its efforts so that will can have value for the money coming to the Agency, we will be moving round to monitor your activities, there will be no room for failed Roads again.”

Managing Director of the Agency, Engr. Nurudeen Rafindadi said the major problem facing FERMA was inadequate funding and procurement process and pleaded with the law makers to assist it more funds to enhance its operations nationwide.