White House looking at sending ‘Americans cheques’

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United States Treasury Secretary Sreve Mnuchin said the administration is “looking at sending cheques to Americans immediately”.

“Americans need cash now and the president wants to get cash now. And I mean now, in the next two weeks.”
Mnuchin did not disclose how much would be distributed but said he was discussing with Republican lawmakers.
But Mnuchin said the administration is working on a big economic stimulus package, reported to be worth some $850bn, which he’ll be discussing with Congress in the coming hours.

Under the plans, Americans will be allowed to defer up to $300 billion worth of taxes. It also includes payments to small businesses and loan guarantees.

The U.S. government outlined new coronavirus guidelines, urging people to avoid gatherings of more than 10 people, eating in restaurants and bars.

People should also make discretionary travel, in an effort to stem the spread of the disease.

Also, areas of California, including San Francisco announced fresh orders for residents to remain at home, unless it was absolutely necessary to go out.

Pandemic throws American primary elections into uncertainty

Ohio’s governor has ordered polling stations in the state to close as the Covid-19 pandemic disrupts vast swathes of American life.

The state was one of four due to hold Democratic primary votes on Tuesday.

However, Governor Mike DeWine has closed polls following a state Supreme Court decision allowing the vote to be postponed.

Other Democratic contests to choose a nominee to take on President Donald Trump have also been disrupted.

On Tuesday, another Republican governor, Larry Hogan of Maryland, said his state’s primary contest would be postponed from 28 April to 2 June.

It is now a two-man race between Vice-President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders for.

Four states had been scheduled to vote yesterday – Arizona, Illinois, Florida and Ohio – but now only the first three will go forward as planned.

‘Nineteen die’ in Spanish care home

Spain has seen over 11,000 cases to date and 491 deaths and Madrid is facing the biggest challenge with 355 deaths in the capital alone.

Reports said no fewer than 19 of the deaths have been at a care home for the elderly called MonteHermoso.

Church of England suspends public worship

The Archbishop of Canterbury has announced that public worship is “suspended until further notice”.

A Church of England spokesman said weddings and funerals could still go ahead.

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York also called for Church of England churches to put public worship on hold and become a “different sort of church”. Eight South American countries take joint action against coronavirus
Eight South American countries unify measures

Eight South American countries that form part of the regional alliance PROSUR have coordinated their response to the novel coronavirus, according to Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno.

Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Colombia, Peru, and Guyana have agreed to “unify measures for the entry of people into each country,” Moreno wrote on Twitter.