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COVID-19 Cases In Nigeria Jump To 1,339 As President Buhari Relaxes Lockdown

64 new cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed in 5 Nigerian states which include; Gombe, Taraba, Borno, Lagos and Abuja.
A break down of the Coronavirus cases in each state is as follows; 34-Lagos, 15-FCT, 11-Borno, 2-Taraba, 2-Gombe.

As at 11:20pm on Monday April 27, there are 1337 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Nigeria.  255 patients have recovered and 40 deaths have been recorded.
 Yesterday, President Buhari announced measures put in place to lead to an end of the imposed lockdown by May 4th. These measures include a continued ban on interstate travel and the introduction of a curfew between 8pm and 6am.

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