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#justiceForSeyiAkinade Trends As Student Commits Suicide After Wrongful Arrest And Detention By SARS

The call for an end to the terrorism of SARS officers in Nigeria is one that has become a frequent phenomenon on social media but it is sad that it only comes after an innocent victim has suffered irreparable loss at their hand.
The Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS)was created to combat the excessive actions armed robbers across the country and the ability of  the officers to go undercover, blend in and then dismantle robbery gangs was a plus for the Nigeria police force. Sadly however, the SARS officials have become even more terrifying than the robbers which they were meant to subdue.

The #justiceForSeyiAkinade tag currentlt trending online tells the sad story of a Nigerian student who got arrested by SARS and due to the subsequent PTSD committed suicide yesterday.

See the full story below:
This sad news has caused a lot of censure on Twitter and renewed the calls for a reform in the Nigeria Police Force:

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