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Nigerian Gunman Arrested In London As He Opens Fire Randomly From His Balcony

Nigerian man in London gets arrested by armed police after firing shots from his balcony into the air.

The man who is the CEO of Truth or Dare Records posted a series of videos of himself, claiming to be the late Tupac Shakur, resurrected, before proceeding to firing shots from a pistol.

His Instagram page where he put up the videos has also been suspended. He is facing about 7 years imprisonment for this fiasco.

A local resident told Kent Online: "There was a lot of banging just over an hour ago, I just assumed it was construction workers.

"There was armed police outside The Range who waved everyone back, they moved towards the noise.

"Staff at The Range have been trying to catch everyone and get them into the shop.

"Someone across the way shouted about someone having a gun.

"There's a police helicopter flying above."

In a statement Kent Police said: “Kent Police was called at 8.35am on Wednesday to a disturbance at a flat on Dock Head Road, Chatham.

“Members of the public reported seeing a man on a balcony with weapons and patrols, including armed officers, attended the scene.

“The police helicopter was also deployed and a man in 30s has now been arrested on suspicion of firearms offences.

“Patrols remain at the scene where officers have located four suspected imitation firearms as part of their enquiries.”

Roads were closed and the public were warned to stay away from the area as officers moved in.

In an earlier tweet, Kent Police Medway said: “We are currently assisting Kent Police Tactical Operations with an incident at #Dockside in #Chatham.

“Numerous roads closures in place and therefore we kindly ask you to stay away from the area. Thank you for understanding in this matter.”

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