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Senegal Becomes World Trailblazer In The Handling Of COVID-19 Pandemic

The West African country of Senegal is the only nation in the world who is testing all their citizens for Coronavirus be they symptomatic or not.
Nationwide testing on its own is an amazing feat but what has got the world marvelled is the cost of test kits which costs just $1, roughly N412 in naira. Senegal manufactured these test kits which has proven just as effective as the others used worldwide which cost over $100 per kit. The nation has also voiced out its desire to share this innovation with other African countries.

Senegal has had much experience with deadly infectious diseases such as Ebola and dengue fever and is using this knowledge in the battle against COVID-19.

By repurposing Ebola isolation centres and inventing  3D ventilator machines at very low cost, the nation has been having success in treating coronavirus patients without spending so much money as in other countries.

Watch video below:

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