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BREAKING NEWS: House Of Reps Committee Blows Hot As Akpabio Reveals Evidence Of Giving Contracts To NASS Members

Members of the House of Representatives Committee on Niger Delta Development Commission have accused Godswill Akpabio, Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, of misleading the parliament and the public.
Honourable Thomas Ereyi-Tobi, who is presiding over the hearing, also accused Akpabio of lying under oath while testifying before the panel.

He said, "I have listened attentively through all your submissions but I just want to tell you one thing, you came here to mislead the parliament and you are under oath. That is what you have done deliberately.

"You decided to just come here and mislead the parliament. I want to put it to you that your submission and all the annexures, 8,9,10 and 11 are misleading.

"Before then, you said you have no link of any contract between yourself and NDDC, your job is just to supervise but correspondences show you have been given approval of forensic auditor and contracts."

Acting Managing Director of NDDC, Daniel Pondei, had earlier fainted while he was being questioned by the committee.


  1. Nigeria is a very funny country

  2. Don't know who to believe again, May God help us

  3. What are they even talking about because I didn't listen to anything that beneficiary in this gathering.

  4. Make dem sell this country give us our share to relocate

  5. Was this charade necessary in the first place?

  6. But what he said true na. Guy don dey guy guy now. Yawa don gas. End of story.!!!!!