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Full Story Of Lady Who Slumped And Died While Dancing At Her Birthday Party

A young makeup artist slumped and died on Saturday, July 4, while dancing at her birthday party.
Deborah Tushima had been counting down to her birthday on her Facebook account. Her birthday came on Saturday, July 4 and she shared new photos of herself on the platform.

She captioned the photos: "So many things to be grateful for, the greatest is the gift of LIFE! Happy birthday to me, pls say a prayer for me."
Unfortunately, she slumped hours later while partying with friends and died.

Friends who had wished her a happy birthday only hours earlier are now mourning her via their respective pages.

Deborah is currently the top trending topic on Twitter as people express shock over her sudden death on her birthday.
According to screenshots of a chat shared by a family friend, a family member said the young makeup artist simply slumped contrary to the reports going round online saying she was poisoned after receiving an iPhone 11 as a gift.

They added that she started "fainting" recently and the one that happened at her birthday party and ultimately led to her death was the fourth time she fainted.

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