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NFL Owners Are Racist, Ex-NBA Star Stephen Jackson Says As He Backs Controversial Anti Semitic Posts

Former NBA player and current Showtime host Stephen Jackson backed DeSean Jackson’s anti-Semitic Instagram posts in problematic social media postings on Tuesday.
Stephen Jackson, 42, played in the NBA from 2000-2014 and launched a digital show on Showtime with fellow former NBA player Matt Barnes last year called “All the Smoke.”

In a Twitter post on Tuesday, Stephen called NFL owners “racist” and said that was a fact. He also lamented that you can’t say anything about Jews or white people because it gets called “hate”. He said DeSean shouldn’t have to apologize for anything (DeSean issued two apologies on Tuesday).

“NFL owners are racist. Just the facts. U speak on anything involving Jews or Whites is hate. That say s– about us it’s kool. Fu- dat. I wouldnt apologize for s—. I love every race and can’t nobody say or tell me…,” Stephen wrote in a Twitter post.

This has caused a lot of backlash as many have accused him of belittling the racial injustice against other minority groups. His follow up post on Instagram did nothing to get him more understanding.

The issue of racial discrimination has in the past few moths taken America by a storm, cutting across all facets of the society.

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