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Outrage All Over The World As Police Reveal Details Of Why Tyrese Hapsil Killed Fahim Saleh

According to a media report, the gruesome murder of the Falim was carried out by his personal assistant, Tyrese Devon Haspil after he was asked to repay an amount he owed the company.
Tyrese embezzled funds in the region of $100,000 from Falim which he, Falim traced to him and asked him to pay back rather than sacking him outright. He worked out a payment plan which would help him pay the money on time while keeping his job.

Tyrese felt cheated and treated unfairly after Falim asked him to pay the money because he was expecting him to consider it as bad debt after all he is a millionaire. Tyrese’s hate for his boss led him to his $2.2 luxurious penthouse in New York where Tyrese killed him and as if that was not enough, he stole Falim’s credit card to buy supplies to clean up the mess after dismembering the body.

While he was at it, Falim’s sister entered the room unannounced which forced Tyrese to jump through the window.

Since Tyrese's arrest and the details of Fahim's murder hit the airwaves, people from all over the world have taken to social media to vent their outrage at him.

See a few comments 247NNU collated from Twitter below:

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