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Outrage As More Dubai Firms, Schools Start Rejecting Nigerians

Social media users have reacted angrily to a job opening posted online by a Dubai recruitment firm which excluded Nigerians.
The firm, Shirley Recruitment Consultants Dubai, had said in the vacancy posted three days ago that it was looking for merchandisers.

Among the requirements for the full-time job is that the applicant should be an African.

It, however, says the applicant must not be a Nigerian.
On Nairaland, some Nigerians said the recent arrest of an alleged internet fraudster, Ramon Abbas, aka Hushpuppi, might have contributed to the firm’s decision.

Others said the image of Nigeria was being battered by the various news of corruption and internet scam emanating from the country.

“Nigerians, inclusive of leaders and citizens, have trampled on the image of the country. If only Nigerians know how Nigeria and Nigerians are perceived abroad, then Nigerians will not be quick to praise internet fraudsters.

To make matters worse, Nigerian students are also affected.
A Nigerian who applied to SANS Technology Institute in the US was denied admission because he stated that he's from Nigeria.

A Nigerian applying for a tourist visa to Dubai also shared a screenshot of the rejection mail he got telling him that "Nigerian passport holders are not permitted to obtain a tourism visa to the UAE in the meantime."
Nigerians have blamed the discrimination on the activities of criminals who give Nigerians a bad name abroad.

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