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See Shocking Accounts Of SARS Victims Published By Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a non-governmental organization with its headquarters in the United Kingdom focused on human rights and having over eight million members and supporters around the world.
The organization's arm in Nigeria has time without number spoken up against various human rights infractions that occur in Nigeria of which most common to the youths is SARS.

SARS which stands for Special Anti Robbery Squad is an almost rogue sector of the Nigeria Police whose officials have no respect for human rights or civil liberty.

Amnesty International Nigeria today (July 3, 2020) shared a publication on its official Twitter page calling out the Nigerian government for gross ineptitude and failure in bringing the activities of SARS to book.

The organization lamented that SARS officers have turned their duty to protect Nigerians into an opportunity for extortion and stealing money, property and other valuables belonging to suspects and their families.

Since 2016, Amnesty International has documented 15 cases where SARS officers arbitrarily confiscated suspects’ property.

The report also noted that despite repeated promises by successive governments to reform the Nigerian Police Force and the “immediate overhauling of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad” announced by the Inspector-General of Police on 14 August 2018, gross human right violations, inefficiency, stealing and total disregard for human rights remain widespread within the force.

Amnesty International also said Nigerian authorities must go beyond lip service to ensure there is real reform within the Nigeria Police Force, with an emphasis on SARS.

These reforms must translate into holding police officers suspected of torture to account, ending torture, unlawful detention, extortion, extrajudicial execution and other human rights violations that SARS officers have been notorious for across Nigeria.

Click HERE to read the publication in which SARS victims narrate their traumatic experiences at the hands of the police force.

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