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Watch as two young men armed with guns, rob Trevin Pharmacy in Ibadan

At about 8:40pm on Wednesday, 2 young men armed with locally-made guns strolled into Trevin Pharmacy, Old Ife Road, Ibadan & dispossessed a number of people of their belongings. They also left with personal & company cash.

Unfortunately for them, a CCTV camera captured them.

The matter has been reported at Agugu Police Station but 3 days after, nothing has been heard from them. We hope Nigeria Police can apprehend these criminals. Crime thrives in a society where people know they can break the law & get away with it.

In a working society with this evidence, it's very easy to catch them. Invite/arrest two or three bad boys in the area once they look at the face and cloth of the suspect, they will identify the suspect.

But in our society the owner of d shop will pay tire for investigation to begin.


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