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Michelle Obama, Former Rivals Rally Behind Joe Biden To Take Shots At Trump For Democratic Convention

Democrats opened their mostly virtual convention in Milwaukee Monday under the theme of unity, with speakers who represented the party's progressive and traditional platforms.

"As we have learned throughout our history, when we stand united, we can overcome anything, including the monumental challenges we face today," the Democratic National Convention Committee said in a release.

Traditionally, political conventions are painstakingly choreographed live productions that are planned years in advance. But the coronavirus pandemic has reduced the nominating celebration to a minimal footprint in Milwaukee -- with major programming and production details still in flux even as the event is underway.

In a weird-except-for-the-times opening night to his Democratic National Convention, the former vice president's campaign unfurled an intimate and highly personal messaging effort designed for this particular tumultuous moment.

There were former rivals, progressive leaders and several Republicans. There were boldface political names, front-line workers, small-business owners and families of victims of the pandemic that has defined the year.

Many of the presentations were intimate and blunt. More than emphasizing policy or playing for applause lines that could not come, the messaging was personal: Those who know Biden see him not only as the right choice for this year but as an antidote to an era defined by President Donald Trump.

Watch Michelle Obama's segment below:

For all those vouching for knowing Biden, one big question that will loom over the week is how well Biden and his campaign knows Trump -- and whether this kind of messaging works in going up against him.

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