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President Buhari's Nephew And Katsina Lawmaker Threatens To Physically Assault Man Over Facebook Posts Against Him

A nephew of President Muhammadu Buhari and member of the House of Representatives in Nigeria, Alhaji Fatuhu Muhammad, has allegedly attacked a man in his constituency by verbally assaulting him and threatening to arrange for his beating over alleged Facebook posts against him.

According to Katsina Post, the All Progressives Congress lawmaker representing Daura/Maiadua/Sandamu Federal Constituency, called the man named Abdulbasid Bello Mai’adua, asked him to record the conversation while he abused and threatened him.

In the audio currently circulating on social media, the lawmaker could be heard attacking Mai’adua while daring him to report to whomsoever he wished to in Nigeria.

During the alleged telephone conversation, the lawmaker was heard saying, “I want you to record this call. I am warning you not to try me again because I am not your mate, neither your boss. If you do not get out of my way, I will arrange for your beating. You can report to whomsoever you wish in Katsina or even Nigeria.

“At it seems you are an ignorant person who doesn’t know anything, who doesn’t know about development. It is either you are not patriotic or educated. You should get out of my way or else I will arrange for your beating.”

Confirming the incident, Mai’adua said he was attacked by hoodlums on the orders of the lawmaker and President Buhari's nephew.

“I was attacked by some thugs in Daura who I beleived were sent by the lawmaker,” he told Katsina Post.

When asked about the said Facebook posts, he denied writing against the lawmaker.

“I didn’t write against him because I never mentioned his name or his political office.”

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