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Shocking Moment Truck Hits Protester, Then Tries To Run Over Her And A Medic

Shocking footage has emerged showing a pickup truck hitting a woman after plowing into a crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters in Los Angeles.

The chaos unfolded after nightfall Thursday on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, where demonstrators were trying to march to an LAPD substation to protest the Breonna Taylor grand jury verdict.

Footage from the ground as well as a KTLA-TV news chopper shows a black pickup truck plowing into the crowd, striking a woman and throwing her to the pavement.

As the protesters begin to swarm around the truck, trying to open the driver's side door, the truck speeds off, appearing to drive over the injured protester and narrowly missing a street medic who rushed to attend to her.

An LAPD helicopter that was tracking the protest was able to follow the truck as it sped off, directing ground units which pulled over the driver.

The truck driver was seen being taken into police custody, but his name has not been released and charging information was not immediately available.
A second incident at the Hollywood protest was also caught on camera by the KTLA news chopper, in which a white Prius became stuck in the crowd and sped off.

A truck that was escorting the protesters chased down the Prius and cut it off, and protesters stormed the car and attempted to take the keys.

The Prius managed to escape however. It was later pulled over by police but the driver was not arrested or charged.

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