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101 Deaths Recorded As Rival Gangs Hit London Streets Armed With Machetes

This is the shocking moment two rival gangs wielding zombie knives and machetes clashed in a street fight in London.

The terrifying brawl, captured on dashcam footage, saw thugs armed with knives spill out of two cars after smashing into other parked vehicles. 

The glint of deadly weapons were visible as the two opposing groups clashed on Edgware Road over the Halloween weekend.  

It was the latest in another bloody weekend in the capital, with police also launching a murder investigation after a man was found shot in the head in Ilford on Sunday.

The 30-year-old victim's death marks the 101st murder on the streets of London this year.    

In the footage of the gang brawl, the driver of one vehicle narrowly missed being hit as streams of hooded figures exited both cars.

One can be seen holding a large machete as they run past the camera.

The car hit an Uber and at least four other parked cars.  

Locals spoke of their shock at the scenes.

Donna Marie said: 'So glad I'm currently planning my escape!'

Another - called Paul - said: 'These boys just need a nice community centre to attend and sort all their issues out across a good old game of chess.'

Their comments come after a man who was shot in the head on Sunday was declared dead at the scene.

It is the latest in a surge of violent crimes in the capital over the course of the last 12 months.  

Metropolitan Police officers and the London Ambulance Service found the victim with gunshot injuries to the head after the shooting in Balfour Road, Ilford, east London, at 10.14pm on Sunday.

Police have not arrested anyone. The victim's next of kin has been infomed, although formal identification is yet to take place. 

Violent crime has soared to its highest level in a decade after a surge in drug feuds, domestic abuse and hate crime, statistics show.

Drug rivalries became increasingly violent in the first phase of the coronavirus pandemic in order to retain their turf.

Violence outside of venues also soared as lockdown restrictions loosened due to 'pent up rage', according to police.

Analysis of police data by The Times shows violent offences were at their highest level in nearly ten years across two thirds of forces in England and Wales in July.


Where the 100 murders across the capital this year have happened

  1. William Algar, 53, Jan-03, Barnes
  2. Takieddine Boudhane, 30, Jan-03, Finsbury Park
  3. Krasimir Kartikov, 60, Jan-13, Croydon
  4. Harinder Kumar, 22, Jan-19, Seven Kings
  5. Narinder Singh, 26, Jan-19, Seven Kings
  6. Baljit Singh, 34, Jan-19, Seven Kings
  7. Tahereh Pirali-Dashti, 40, Jan-20, Barnet
  8. Beverley Denahy, 61, Jan-22, Chingford
  9. Unnamed man, 60s, Jan-24, Clapton
  10. Louis Johnson, 16, Jan-27, Croydon
  11. Eraj Seifi, 46, Jan-29, Queens Park
  12. Unnamed man, 33, Feb-12, North Finchley
  13. James Dowdell, 54, Feb-17, Chelsea
  14. Sundeep Ghuman, 36, Feb-18, Thamesmead
  15. Lennox Nigel Alcendor, 42, Feb-21, Cricklewood
  16. Li-Qing Wang, 35, Feb-25, Waltham Forest
  17. Tyler Roye, 24, Feb-26, Croydon
  18. Archie Beston, 19, Feb-29, Kingston
  19. Asante Campbell, 24, Feb-29, Hendon
  20. David Siirak, 27, Mar-01, Hillingdon
  21. Shanur Ahmed, 16, Mar-03, Newham
  22. Ricardo Fuller, 24, Mar-07, Ilford
  23. Vanita Nowell, 68, Mar-08, Southwark
  24. Damani Mauge, 17, Mar-08, Croydon
  25. Cameron Murfitt, 18, Mar-15, Greenwich
  26. Tracey Kidd, 57, Mar-17, Hackney
  27. Shadika Mohsin Patel, 40, Mar-19, Newham
  28. Abdullahi Mahmoud, 29, Mar-19, Enfield
  29. Stefan Melnyk, 54, Mar-22, Acton
  30. Kelly Stewart, 41, Mar-26, Barking
  31. Tomas Macionis, 35, Mar-31, Walthamstow
  32. Sonia Teresa Burton Calvi, 56, Apr-01, Stockwell
  33. Edgar Aguilera Daza, 59, Apr-01, Stockwell
  34. Maryan Ismail, 57, Apr-06, Edmonton
  35. Ralph Gibson, 42, Apr-15, Putney
  36. Denise Michelle Keane-Barnett-Simmons, 26, Apr-16, Brent
  37. Mark Baker, 62, Apr-19, Walthamstow
  38. Jay John, 27, Apr-25, Hackney
  39. Baljit Singh, 37, Apr-25, Hayes
  40. Pavinya Nithiyakumar, 1, Apr-26, Ilford
  41. Nigish Nithiyakumar, 3, Apr-26, Ilford
  42. David Gomoh, 24, Apr-26, Newham
  43. Anthony Rooks, 79, May-04, Holloway
  44. Yonas Haile, 32, May-05, Hammersmith
  45. Francois Kablan, 19, May-13, Southwark
  46. Jemal Ebrahim, 23, May-13, Haringey
  47. Chad Gordon, 27, May-18, Haringey
  48. Oluwamayowa Adeymi, 21, Jun-05, Hackney
  49. Nicole Smallman, 27, Jun-07, Wembley
  50. Bibaa Henry, 46, Jun-07, Wembley
  51. Alexander Kareem, 20, Jun-08, Shepherd's Bush
  52. Unnamed woman, 50s, Jun-10, Lewisham
  53. Mihai Gae, 48, Jun-13, Hornsey
  54. Kyle Kelson, 25, Jun-19, North Cheam
  55. Wayne Hoskyns, 41, Jun-19, Bexley
  56. Steve Morrison, 30, Jun-23, Epping
  57. Sayagi Sivanantham, 5, Jun-30, Mitcham
  58. Imani Allaway-Muir, 22, Jul-04, Islington
  59. Khloemae Loy, 23, Jul-05, Greenwich
  60. Donnell Rhule, 18, Jul-08, Dulwich
  61. Muhammed Samir Uddin, 19, Jul-10, Poplar
  62. Jahreau Shepherd, 30, Jul-11, Kennington
  63. Dean Edwards, 43, Jul-12, Penge
  64. Ahmed Yasin-Ali, 18, Jul-15, Maida Vale
  65. Billy McCullagh, 27, Jul-16, Harlesden
  66. Peter Petrou, 37, Jul-16, Kilburn
  67. Skender Ismaili, 30, Jul-17, Enfield
  68. Glenroy Joseph, 60, Jul-20, Ealing
  69. Elias Biad, 5m, Jul-22, Wembley
  70. Stella Frew, 38, Jul-24, Sutton
  71. Frank Bulbrook, 34, Jul-24, Chislehurst
  72. Abraham Haile, 56, Jul-28, Camden
  73. Christopher George, 26, Jul-29, Enfield
  74. Nathan Mitra, 32, Jul-30, Hounslow
  75. Therasia Gordon, 44, Aug-06, Enfield
  76. Esther Egbon, 30, Aug-08, Dagenham
  77. Jeremy Meneses-Chalarca, 17, Aug-08, Westminster
  78. Jeffrey Wegbe, 26, Aug-12, Kilburn
  79. Dylan Freeman, 10, Aug-16, Acton
  80. Salem Koudou, 20, Aug-20, Stockwell
  81. Yassar Mustakim Moussa, 37, Aug-24, Walthamstow
  82. Daniel Bytyci, 18, Aug-26, Pinner
  83. Anthony Adekola, 22, Sep-05, Colindale
  84. Sean Williams, 34, Sep-06, Lewisham
  85. Suzanne Winnister, 66, Sep-08, Bexley
  86. Anthony Higgins, 62, Sep-12, Wembley
  87. Nahid Ahmed, 26, Sep-13, Enfield
  88. John Avers, 47, Sep-13, Dagenham
  89. Jaden Christie, 20, Sep-15, Stockwell
  90. Kamal Nuur, 18, Sep-14, Islington
  91. Loeike Guei, 23, Sep-17, Mitcham
  92. Matt Ratana, 54, Sep-25, Croydon
  93. Patrick Gomes De'Almeida, 25, Oct-01, Morden
  94. Kailash Kuha Raj, 3, Oct-06, Brentford
  95. Poorna Kaameshwari Sivaraj, 36, Oct-06, Brentford
  96. Lee Baxter, 34, Oct-09, Ilford
  97. Shakur Hassan, 23, Oct-13, Hayes
  98. Unnamed man, 59, Oct-16, Couldson
  99. Bubacar Jabbie Dukureh, 17, Oct-23, Walthamstow
  100. Giovanni Wallace, 29, Oct-25, Croydon

Violent crime was higher last month than in July 2019 in 31 of 39 police forces who published their statistics.

Gloucestershire saw violent crime rise by 39 per cent while Durham had and increase of 35 per cent, the two highest rises in the country.  

London Mayor Sadiq Khan warned of a spike in violent crime in the capital after the pandemic sent crime rates plummeting by a quarter in England and Wales.

July saw 17 killings in the city - two more than July 2019. January this year saw 11 homicides in the capital, and February just seven.

There were 19,104 violent crimes in June - compared to 17,264 in February and 18,569 in January.

The Met Police has been approached for comment.

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