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Is Nigeria's INEC Coordinating The US Election? Donald Trump Cries, Exposes How He Is Being "Rigged Out" Of Office

Today, November 4, 2020, was the D-Day for the US elections. The close struggle between Democrat's Joe Biden and Republican's Donald Trump is one that has kept everyone on their toes and the President...on Twitter!

Donald Trump has since last night been tweeting non-stop about the election and his recent tweets have begun to make me remember Nigeria's former President Goodluck Jonathan during the 2015 elections.

As at 9 am this morning with votes still being counted, President Trump had held a press conference giving a victory speech and thanking all who voted for him.

Give or take seven hours later, his tweets have spiralled into "exposing" ways he is being rigged out of office by the Democrats. 

See tweets below:

If this rigging really is the case, and I'm not saying it is, but if it is can we then agree that politics in Nigeria is not so different from that in America? Which then begs the question why these foreign countries warn our politicians against "undemocratic elections" and even place sanctions on perceived defaulters.

Is it a game of "he who gets caught is the thief"? Keep in mind that I'm not condoning electoral malpractice of any kind, but if the shocking "discovery" of votes can make the leader of the Free World cry then what hope have leaders of Nigeria.

What do I know sha, I'm just an amebo sitting somewhere in Nigeria observing. Whoever wins should sha give me visa to the America.

Shalz Ekelaka

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