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Nigerian Man Arrested After Trying To Pay Traffic Fine With Fake US Dollars

A Nigerian man has been arrested in Cambodia after he was accused of paying his traffic fine with counterfeit US$100 note. 

The unnamed Nigerian national was arrested by traffice police in Phnom Penh on Monday, November 9, at 10:40 am and sent to Khan Dongkor police station.

It was gathered that traffic policemen were standing at Chamkar Dong bridge traffic light when the Nigerian man drove his Prius car through a red light on street 371 and turned on to street 217 to Chamkar Dong road. He was immediately detained and fined for traffic violations. 

According to local media, the Nigerian man tried to pay the fine with a $100 note but the cops had no change. They took the money to the bank to get it changed into smaller notes but were told that it was fake. 

The police returned the fake bank note to the Nigerian man, who suddenly ripped it up, saying that he would not pay the fine.

He was subsequently arrested, sent to Khan Dongkor police station for questioning and charged with possession and distribution of fake currency note.

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