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Tensions rise as Republicans turn on Trump and call his claims of a conspiracy against him INSANE

Maryland's Republican Gov. Larry Hogan and GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger were among the first batch of Republicans to call out President Donald Trump for his rambling appearance at the White House Thursday where he claimed a massive vote fraud conspiracy while offering no evidence.

'There is no defense for the President's comments tonight undermining our Democratic process,' Hogan tweeted. 'America is counting the votes, and we must respect the results as we always have before. No election or person is more important than our Democracy.' 

Kinzinger, an Illinois Republican, echoed the sentiment.       

'We want every vote counted, yes every legal vote (of course). But, if you have legit concerns about fraud present EVIDENCE and take it to court. STOP Spreading debunked misinformation...,' Kinzinger tweeted. 'This is getting insane.' 

Trump appeared for 17 minutes in front of the press, reading notes out of a binder, and complained about 'suppression' polls, mail-in ballots, Democratic cities including Detroit and Philadelphia. 

He said he was the victim of a 'big media, big money and big tech' conspiracy. 

Those forces came together to commit 'historic election interference.'

Trump didn't offer any proof - nor did he take questions.   

Kinzinger was joined by two former Republican members of the U.S. Senate, Rick Santorum and Jeff Flake, in castigating Trump's remarks. 

'No Republican should be okay with the President's statements just now. Unacceptable. Period,' tweeted Flake, who's long been a Trump critic 

Santorum was on a panel on-air at CNN following Trump's speech. 

'I hope that Republicans will stand up at this moment and say to Trump what needs to be said,' Santorum said. 

Rep. Paul Mitchell, a Michigan Republican, said that 'our nation demands that its political leaders accept both wins and losses with grace and maturity.' 

'Every legal vote should and will be counted - as they always are. Where there are issues there are ways to address them. If anyone has proof of wrongdoing, it should be presented and resolved. Anything less harms the integrity of our elections and is dangerous for our democracy,' he also said.  

William Cogswell, who just won a seat in the South Carolina House, also slammed the president. 

'As a Republican who just won in a Blue district, I am embarrassed and ashamed by what I just heard from POTUS,' Cogswell tweeted.     

Of course, Democrats were critical too. 

'No American, regardless of political party, should be okay with the president’s statements. Unacceptable. Dangerous. Period,' wrote Sen. Ben Cardin, a Democrat who represents Maryland. 

Rep. Gerry Connolly, a Virginia Democrat, portrayed Trump as unhinged. 

'The president needs help. Those were the rantings of a desperate, defeated man,' he tweeted. 'The most dishonest speech ever delivered from behind the presidential seal. He is trying to set our democracy on fire. Where is the "party of the Constitution" now?' 

And Rep. Katherine Clark, Massachusetts Democrat, begged other Republicans to speak out. 

'Republican colleagues, our democracy needs you,' she wrote. 'Speak up for voters and against Trump’s false attacks on the integrity of our elections. Show us that you love this country and everything we stand for.'  

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